Kate Whelan

About Kate

A brief bit about the person behind the voice. If you’d like to know any more about me or other clients I have worked with, please contact me.


…my name’s Kate Whelan and, whether you realise it or not, you’ve probably heard my voice somewhere before.

I originally trained as an actor and have been voicing for over 10 years. I spend most of my time in my studio in the Cheshire countryside but also work in London – which takes just 90 minutes on the train.

I understand the creative process, I’m good at taking direction and I’m passionate about delivering the best results every time, even when working remotely.


I've worked with

Heinz / ITV / Le Meridien / Pantene Pro-V / Pfizer / Philips / Rolex / Symantec / Danske Bank / QVC / Raiffeisen Bank / Disney / Häagen-Dazs / H&M / Samsung / Sky Sports / Tetra Pak / Aldi / Aqualand / Brita / Carlsberg / Google AdWords

“I have worked with Kate for several e-­‐learning projects and she is great to work with! She always delivers in time and is very accurate. It’s so nice to work with someone you can trust! Her voice is very warm and reassuring and I warmly recommend her to my clients.”
Lotta Brunmark -­‐ Widevox
“Kate is consistently excellent to work with. Not only does she respond to direction on style, she is also highly skilled at foreign language pronunciation. And she gets jobs done quickly!”
Andrew McLaughlin – AMA Associates
“I found Kate sort of by accident many years back at the very start of her Voice career. This is one very comfortable and extremely flexible talent -­‐ you really cannot screw up with Kate. I actually love hearing Kate on various documentaries because her sound sits so well on so many subjects. I immediately liked the airy gentleness in her natural well spoken sound with a very tiny hint of regional realness. Kate will deliver exactly as you want and somehow manage to carry the whole job. Not many can. Over the years Kate has worked very hard towards perfection and not only to please those who use her voice, but for her own professional self esteem. I love her!”
Geg Hopkins Admaze Media